Code scheme – Information For The Construction Industry

Welcome to code scheme.

Who are we and why are we here?

Code scheme has been set up as a joint initiative by the IBC and major construction industry bodies to unify all the different building codes around the world and to try and make sense of all the different building regulations across different countries. We will also try and make sense of the different building codes and regulations that occur in different states within each country. We are represented by the 4 main components of the design and building process – Council/town planning, Architects, Engineers and Builders.

What are the codes?

These codes can often be very difficult to understand and follow – and so we will aim to bring you up to date with the latest changes in regulations – as well as the basic principles builders need to follow when planning for construction – ie the architectual and engineering codes that need to be adhered to in the planning and permit process, as well as in the actual construction of buildings.

Providing Information to industry professionals and the public

We will also make information available. about the industry bodies that regulate building in Australia, the United States and Europe, and provide options for builders, councils and other interested parties – so that they will have the best knowledge and resources available in both the permit/planning application processes as well as in the design and construct phases of the building process.

Contact Us

If you need to contact us for any reason, or if you have a question about anything pertaining to the construction process or the industry bodies or mediation bodies available – please email us at or

Here are some introduction videos on International Building Codes – IBC – and some of the latest updates to the codes: