How to avoid lower back pain when cycling

cyclists need to be aware of spinal injuryMost cyclists experience some sort of lower back pain. However, the exact cause of this pain is quite difficult to identify. When these people are cycling, their bodies get restricted to the cycle’s shape. When this happens, a cyclist’s upper body is hunched up and the lower body is left in a fixed posture. This position gives the cyclist’s joints and muscles a difficult time.

The lower back area is highly complex and difficult to understand. One of the few ways to get back pain relief while cycling is to stretch the hip muscles. Cyclists are required to sit on the cycle in such a way where the hip flexors are usually the receivers of tiredness or fatigue. During rides which require long climbs, the cyclist gets tired very quickly and his lower back hurts quite badly. In order to get some relief, he may stand or stretch for some amount of time. In order to avoid such problems cyclists need to develop strong stomach and back muscles, without which long bike rides should be eliminated. Pedalling requires back and stomach muscles that are kept in excellent shape.

bad backThere are several ways a cyclist can get the required treatment for his lower back pain. The first way is by going for a physical examination to a chiropractor who should help the cyclist to relieve the muscles of the sacro-iliac joints. This is known to greatly reduce pain the lower back. When we talk about cyclists and the muscles in their body that ache, we usually refer to quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. Even though these are some of the important muscles there are several others that have a great impact on their bodies which are often neglected.

While stretching cyclists also need to consider exercising the piriformis muscle which is known to originate from the front of the sacrum. The sciatic nerve that runs through this muscle can cause severe pain and so, this muscles too needs to be stretched from time to time. The psoas muscle is also very important and should be flexed regularly. Cyclists are generally bend wait downwards when riding, and this is the muscle which does all the hard work for them. When it is over-taxed, it too will cause some amount of pain in the lower back. The last muscle which cyclists need to stretch is the gluteal muscle. This muscle is further made up of three other muscles found along the back of the pelvic region, all which can cause serious back pain in cyclists. They need to be massaged by therapists whenever required.

Cyclist bodies are generally flexed and tense most of the time while riding or competing in a race. This is why they need to exercise and stretch more to help relax their muscles. In addition to this an occasional visit to a massage therapist or chiropractor isn’t such a bad idea as it definitely helps them to keep fit and strong.